Top 20 NuGet real Packages

Speedy real time physics simulation library.
DotRealDb is a real-time database which tracks and shared databse changes over SignalR
The package contains Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm. This PSO is ready to work on a stateful quality function objects, as long as they provide implementation of provided IFunction interface.
Simulation based inverse kinematics solver.
kayChart is a small library which let you use chart controls in Visual Studio as real time charts without using 3rd party chart controls.
Get Real Cursor Position (DPI, Font Zoom).
CrestApps RetsSdk a .NET Core client library for interacting with a RETS server to pull real estate listings, photos and other data made available from an MLS system.
.NET bindings for hydna
Escreva os seus números por extenso
Esta biblioteca faz somente a conversão para reais de um número passado, pode ser utilizado em todos aplicativos criados para .net, windowsforms, webforms, mvc aspnet, wpf, addins para world, excel, coreldraw entre outros.
Common types used by Real Web Developers
Módulo principal de la librería NETRETS en su versión preliminar para operaciones transaccionales de bienes raíces.
Package Description
.NET RETS library to download real estate listings from your MLS provider