Top 20 NuGet quote Packages

Unquote is not just another DSL or API for making unit test assertions. Instead, assertions are written as plain, statically-checked F# quoted expressions and test failure messages are given as step-by-step F# expression evaluations. Unquote integrates configuration-free with all exception-based un...
SuperOffice default quote connector implementation which onsite integrations can extend for their own purposes.
A handy Yahoo! Finance api wrapper, based on .NET Standard 2.0
Easily get stock quotes and historical prices from the Yahoo Finance API
Shell Quote (shell-quote) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A .NET Standard port of JetBrains' email-parser library, for parsing quoted text from email messages.
This package is intended for use by registered Air France KLM advertising partners only. Use of this client library is subject to the terms and conditions of the partnership agreement.
.NET Stock Quote uses Yahoo Finance API to retrieve stock information based on specific company's symbol, time frame period and resolution of data. Additionally, the data stored includes stock's changes stored for each day. It stores the specified day's open, high, low, close, adj close value an...
This is a small open source project which helps you easily get real-time and historical stock quotes programmatically.
A simple PDF invoice generator for .NET.
The function of this application is to get Stock Quote Data and Historical Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance This is technical demo to apply F-Sharp (F#) language in real world application. This application is close to real world enterprise application (with very optimal solutions, at least in 2011)...
XPO Connect Unified API SDK in Dotnet.