Top 20 NuGet postman Packages

Program in C# . the exec prog uses the REST API end point : /rest/api/2/groupuserpicker?query=. It extracts all JIRA, users, groups, name, emailadress matching a specific string and parse them in a json file (Json formated) & in a text formated file. (Rest API from Jira Server platform REST API ...
Tiny.RestClient facilitates the dialog between your API and your application. It hides all the complexity of communication, deserialisation ... Features : * Modern async http client for REST API. * Support of verbs : GET, POST , PUT, DELETE, PATCH and custom http verbs * Sup...
PostmanRunner can import postman collection json files and run the http request in .NET.
Library that provides functionality to help when consuming the Postman Echo API.
Allows developers expose their API endpoints to that they can be imported into postman
Provides a service that generates the Postman collection import JSON necessary to generate requests to all routes defined in the ServiceStack service.
ServiceStack plugin that uses introspection to generate documentation about services in AppHost
Postman Collection (postman-collection) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
A simple HTTP notifier for Seq
WebAPI2 for PostMan Import From Link
Create a Postman Collection from your Web API Services.
An MSBuild Task to generate Postman v3 collections from WebApi ApiControllers without dependencies on MVC, WebApiHelp or System.Web. Based on Yao's example
A Cake addin to test APIs using Postman Collections
Creates a postman collection by traversing the current api description.
An unofficial .NET implementation of the Postman collection schema.