Top 20 NuGet pocketcontainer Packages

An embeddable IoC container in a single C# file, with support for extensibility and conventions.
Enables PocketContainer to be used to provide dependency injection for ASP.NET Core applications. When using this package, PocketContainer instances can be created from IServiceCollection and implement IServiceProvider.
Enables PocketContainer to resolve open generic types.
A convention that tells PocketContainer to choose the longest constructor that contains no primitive types (including strings, dates, and numeric types) when resolving instances of an unregistered type.
Enables PocketContainer to accumulate repeated registrations of the same type T and resolve them collectively using IEnumerable<T>.
Use PocketContainer to resolve dependencies for ASP.NET Web API.
A convention that will resolve a type when it is the only implementation for a requested interface or abstract type that has not been explicitly registered.
A convention that will resolve classes with names ending in "Settings" using Its.Configuration.