Top 20 NuGet playback Packages

Ziggeo API ( allows you to integrate video recording and playback with only two lines of code in your site, service or app. This is the C# Server SDK repository.
DryWetMIDI is the .NET library to work with MIDI files and MIDI devices. It allows: * Read, write and create Standard MIDI Files (SMF). It is also possible to read RMID files where SMF wrapped to RIFF chunk. * Work with MIDI devices: send/receive MIDI data, play back and record MIDI dat...
FFME is an advanced WPF MediaElement alternative. While the standard MediaElement uses DirectX (DirectShow) for media playback, FFME uses FFmpeg to read and decode audio and video.
Test/mock (3rd party) code reliant on HttpClient, WebClient, HttpWebRequest and WebRequest.Create()
Tx Windows components, specific to Windows
Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) Windows TypeGeneration component
Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) container package for all supported raw trace/log sources
Simple .Net Standard Library to control Respeaker Microphone Arrays
Tx Bond components, specific to the Bond event format
Tx (LINQ to Logs and Traces) core components, not specific to the event format
Memory Player is a lonely AngularJS module that is written in TypeScript and seeking to befriend musicians. Asked if Memory Player has the qualities of a good friend it replied, "No. A best friend." These qualities include page-to-page continued audio playback, support for playlists, and shareabilit...
C/C++ Multimedia Development Kit
Simple .Net Standard Wrapper for ALSA on Unix devices. Supports Audio Playback, Recording and Mixer Devices. Requires libasound2-dev to be installed on target System.
Tx Network
An Asp.Net Core middleware library for recording and replaying http requests.
Easy Video Player is a simple but powerful view that you can plugin to your apps to quickly get video playback working.
Hap GPU video playback implementation for VL/Stride
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols. This is a helper library to support Vlc videos as textures to be used in graphical engines like the Delta Engine.
Playback live broadcast using the Wowza Media Services across Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android.
Tx SqlServer