Top 20 NuGet place Packages

Google Places, Maps, Roads, Search and Translate. Requests and Responses are complete with Google api documentation and references.
Xamarin.Android bindings for anirudhmpai's EasyLocationFetch.
Google Place Picker for your Xamarin iOS, Android projects.
Xamarin.Android library for drawing curves on Google Maps Android API v2
An abstraction layer for the Google Play Services FusedLocationProviderClient API to expose various easy to use methods to get device location and initiate relevant permissions requests
Android Library to Get best available location from Android Location Providers
Get location details from google map
Recherche la plus grande place d'un club
With RoboDK API allows you to interact with industrial robots and RoboDK Software. RoboDK Software allows you to simulate and program industrial robots for any manufacturing operation, such as robot machining, inspection or pick and place applications. You can esily program and debug any industrial ...