Top 20 NuGet ioc-container Packages

Simplify DI common interface for IOC containers
Simple dynamic controllers package that puts the focus on resources.
Cross-Cutting.NetCore bits.
Entity Framework Core backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore.
AspNetCore bits.
CosmosDB backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore.
Simple data backing agnostic event store.
Experimental .NET Standard IOC container.
Add Snow support to ASP.Net Core web projects.
.NetCore bits.
MongoDB backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore.
RavenDb backing for APIBlox.NetCore.EventStore.
Combination package for Commands and Queries when using Dynamic Controllers.
Simple CQRS implementation that utilizes the decorator pattern.
Simple domain events.
This package makes dependency injections on Azure Functions easier, using ASP.NET Core dependency injection features.
A container that creates and then (optionally) stores variables to provide caching and centralized access. These sorts of containers are sometimes misdescribed as IOC ("Inversion of Control") Containers. Since they do not provide any control over program flow, the accurate term is DI ("Dep...
DiLite /dɪˈlʌɪt/ is a minimalist, lightweight DI framework. Registrations and resolutions will look very familiar to those accustomed to Autofac.
AspNetCore OpenAPI bits. SourceLink is enabled.
High performance, low ceremony DI/IoC container for .NET.