Top 20 NuGet intermediate Packages

Build object oriented data structures and format them when needed.
Write your cross-platform shaders in C#.
All of the core types for SharpShader. Contains everything you need to read SharpShader translation results, without requiring all of the extra dependencies.
Conversion of CLI stack-based intermediate language to a register-based representation. Control flow graph generator for CLI methods.
ILMerge.Tools repackages Microsoft's ILMerge into a NuGet package that includes the original files in the tools directory instead of as content. The files included in this package are the identical files that are included in the official ILMerge NuGet package of the same version. ILMerge is a utili...
ILMerge.Tools.MSBuildToolTask is a simple MSBuild task that wraps the ILMerge.exe command-line tool. Unlike other ILMerge MSBuild tasks,ILMerge.Tools.MSBuildToolTask is decoupled from the ILMerge assembly which means it does not reference it nor does it load it in-process. Instead, it executes ILMer...
Library for .NET enabling the use of dynamic proxy objects.
library for working with Origami Internal Language