Top 20 NuGet intent Packages

Base classes and helpers for building your own modules for Intent Architect.
SDK for building your own modules for Intent Architect.
NuGet package of the Intent.Application.Contracts as per Use this package to extend the module through use of decorator interfaces within it.
Package Description
Command line tool for packaging Intent Architect modules and other kinds of assets.
ASP.NET WebApi 2.2 patterns for .NET 4.x
Package Description
Library for EntityFramework to support ambient DbContexts and comprehensive entity deletion mechanisms
Installs templates for Visual Studio projects that integrate with Intent Architect
Base library for Domain-Driven Design (DDD) applications
Intent Framework Core Library
hoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determine the user's intent... like a crystal ball, only with mouse movement!
Sql implementation for intents defined in
Library for EntityFrameworkCore to support ambient DbContexts
log4net Intent/Resolver for the Intent Compositor. Easily add a log4net.ILog to any class Intent Compositor Code Generator class using the [HaveLogger] attribute.
Base CRUD Intents and an InMemory Resolver for the Intent Compositor. Starting point for creating Repository Resolvers for Intent Compositor Code Generator classes.
Entity Framework migrations setup with README file containing useful commands
NuGet package for the Intent.Unity module
The Intent Compositor
ASP.NET WebApi 2.2 patterns for .NET 4.x