Top 20 NuGet integral Packages

The Accord.Imaging library extends the AForge.Imaging library with new image processing filters and related techniques such as the SURF interest point detector, interest point matchers and image stitching.
This is an easy implementation of a PID controller
Contains image processing algorithms which can only be used for educational applications, and cannot be used in commercial products without express permission of its authors. Currently contains the Fast Guided Filter. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Easy to use library for computing integrals. var math = new Integral("3*x^2-5", 5, 10); var result = math.ComputeIntegral(); // result = 850
Calculates area under a polynomial
Ratchet Math Integral Image is a tiny library that implement an Integral image (or Summed area table)
A class for converting managed base types to byte arrays and vice versa