Top 20 NuGet iisexpress Packages

IIS Express Bootstrapper is a very simple library built to make easy run IIS Express from your C# code for a web application project. It's a great library for acceptance tests.
Setup http client resources
Lightweight helper APIs simplifying IIS,IISExpress and Nuget packages management in tests
Fixtures and helpers for integration testing with xUnit, and NUnit and MS Test.
Before installing on Win2008 run Powershell.exe and then "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned"! The only real alternative to IIS, UWS is a redistributable web server for Windows that can packaged with your ASP.NET web application and installed on your customers' systems along with your web app or site...
Allows you to launch IisExpress
Brings all web related TestEasy packages to the project: WebServers, Azure, WebBrowser, NuGet helpers
Wrappers and abstractions around Selenium and Selenium Grid functionality supporting all major browsers interactions
Facade consolidating Azure APIs (REST, managed etc) into simple classes, providing a single entry point for all Azure scenarios
Basic setup of integration testing
Centaur is a library to launch IISExpress for test automation.
Extendable wrappers and abstractions over web servers (IIS, IISExpress or custom)
NuGet API wrappers simplifying nuget package management in websites at runtime
An abstraction utilizing RimDev Automation libraries.
Setup and teardown of service resources in unit testing and integration testing.
Setup and teardown of service resources in unit testing and integration testing.
Setup http client resources
IISExpress Automation. Good for acceptance tests.
Common configuration, helper and abstraction classes used by other TestEasy packages
Programatically control IIS Express.