Top 20 NuGet iset Packages

The System.Collections namespace in the .NET Framework provides a number of collection types that are extremely useful for manipulating data in memory. However, some specialized implementations of ISet are not available. Iesi.Collections 4.0 for .Net 4.0 contains the LinkedHashSet (preserves inserti...
Helps to integrate and use WebSockets in your ASP.NET Core website
Provides a Set Collection implementation.
Extension methods for ISet<>. This project is storing additional method(s) for daily usage.
Extensions to transform IEnumerable into other generic collection types, including async versions.
A collection of extension methods for better string representations (e.g. IEnumerable and specializations for IList, ISet and IDictionary, TimeSpan).
A set of useful and powerful collection classes.
Provides a Set Collection implementation.