Top 20 NuGet if Packages

Extension function pack to increase productivity and improve source code writing.
These extensions make it easy to chain Linq expressions based on conditions—useful for sorting, filtering, and paging.
Enhanced UiPath workflow control activities: 1. If then - conditional statement if without else block.
A ZMachine interpreter supporting v1-v5 games written in C#.
Logging application block
Extension Methods If, Switch, Select, In, InRange, Log and more
Contém um helper que facilita o desenvolvimento. - .Net Framework 3.5+
Add conditional tags to your Xaml files.
Instead of null checks you can simply write for example Result.OrDefault(() => SelectedItem.Invoice.Employee.Name.ToString());
Inpired by CodeContracts, small piece of code that allows you to lower the ciclomatic complexity of code by removing some branching. Branching like most precondition, if - else - throw or if - else - set value.
Inspired by Powershell, simple package that will remove the need to think of the name of some variables. Also some useful extension methods on IEnumerable type. Contains an Option<T> mondad Extensions on bool type IfTrue(doThis).Else(doThis) Check out the full project on GitHub