Top 20 NuGet hasher Packages

SHA256 hasher for Dispenser
A simple service to hash passwords with PBKDF2 in C#.
This is a simple IOC Container i built to use depedency injection in small console projects personally. I would use standard containers for standard and web projects.
Adaptation of the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.PasswordHasher that removes the hard-coded iteration count, replacing it with a configurable iteration count (that defaults to 10,000).
SHA1 hasher for Dispenser
Base security infrastructure
Identical to the AspNetCore Identity PasswordHasherV3. This library is meant for those who do not want to use/include "AspNetCore Identity" but would still like to use its awesome PasswordHasher.
Hash passwords easily (with salting). You can choose between 6 different hashing algorithms which are sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512 and blake2b
A simple service to hash passwords in C#.
A password hasher.
Package Description
East encrypt and decrypt string with sample static call methods
this lib allow you to encrypt the url parameters on mvc arch