Top 20 NuGet hamburger Packages

Sirloin makes it easy to add a hamburger menu to your Windows 10 app. It supports .NET languages, C++, and JS. Find us on GitHub at
A set of user controls for UWP applicartion
Cimbalino Toolkit is a set of useful and powerful items that will help you build your Windows applications. This is the UI Controls portion of the toolkit.
React Hamburger Menu (react-hamburger-menu) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
AppShell provides a template to build UWA with a standard "hamburger" menu that is built upon SplitView control. This avoid you to write the same code or copy/paste the menu controls for each app while not sacrificing flexibility. AppShell was built starting from "XamlNavigation" sample project that...
Collection of custom controls for the Universal Windows Platform.
Creates a LateralMenu in few steps in WPF