Top 20 NuGet hibp Packages

A simple Have I been pwned API wrapper
.NET Standard library to help communicate with the "Have I been Pwned?" API as hosted by Troy Hunt.
A handy toolkit to easy interaction with the "Have I Been Pwned" website. You can collect relevant breach data, pastes and check if a password is compromised. This uses Dependency Injection, and require your HIBP Api Key to be added in startup
Provides a simple interface to the I Have Been Pwned V2 breached password endpoint using the enhanced anonymity provided by the k-Anonymity method (/range endpoint). See Troy Hunt's blog for more details (
Lookup passwords and password hashes in a local copy of the "Have I Been Pwned" database.
IBreachedPasswordService calls the HIBP ( range search API and returns the number of times a password has appeared in a known data breach. IForbiddenPasswordService uses locally configured (via config or text file) regex patterns to check for forbidden passwords