Top 20 NuGet hal Packages

Adds HAL support to ASP.NET Core
Plug-In allowing for the configuration of REST/HAL based resources.
Contains Resource Models exposed by a Service's Public API.
Plug-In containing client for invoking REST/HAL based Web API Services.
HAL Models for producing HAL Json
Contains implementations shared between the client and server.
A transformer for ASP.NET Core to produce HAL+JSON responses.
A library to augment deserialization targets of HAL+JSON responses.
Plug-In allowing for the specification of documention for REST/HAL APIs.
A lightweight fluent .NET client for navigating and consuming HAL APIs. Includes support for .NET Standard.
Umbraco REST Api for working with content, published content, media and member data
Specialized HTTP Client for communicating with Qlib v3
Provides Hal+JSON media type support for Nancy.
Hallo is a content negotiated implementation of the HAL hypermedia format for ASP.NET Core.
Portable HAL client for .NET. There's a CSharp version for CS.
Portable HAL client for .NET wrapped in a CSharp friendly wrapper
Plug-In allowing external configuration of the RequestClient.
Hypertext Application Language
A simple HAL formatter for ASP.NET Core.
Adds HAL support to ASP.NET Core