Top 20 NuGet guards Packages

This Guards project is a light-weight toolbox which helps you to protect your public interfaces against invalid parameters being passed over.
This Guard utility makes it easy to validate arguments of public methods for null values or specific conditions. It is one of the fundamentals in C# programming as enforced by static code analysis (CA1062).
Helper functions to aid in argument validation for C# functions. Example Usage: Throw.IfNull(argument, nameof(argument)); Throw.IfNullOrEmpty(argument, nameof(argument));
This library provides guard clauses that could be used to guard against not expected values. It provides conditions for objects, strings, numerics, datatime and enumerables. It is possible to configure which exception should be thrown.
No (added) overhead library for defensive programming practices. Just as efficient as hand written guard clauses.
A pattern guard-like library for .NET.
Provides various .NET classes to help with development of all types of applications.
Package Description
The Diagnostics library provides classes that help checking incoming parameters of a method using the Fluent API or not, depending on what you like.
Basic guards clauses for validations.
Basic guards clauses for validations.