Top 20 NuGet graylog2 Packages

Gelf4NLog is an NLog target implementation to push log messages to GrayLog2.
Gelf layout renderer for NLog
NLog.Targets.Gelf is a custom target for NLog and Graylog2 server To use NLog.Targets.Gelf just add the following to your config file and place NLog.Targets.Gelf.dll in the same location as the NLog.dll file: <nlog> <extensions> <add assembly="NLog.Targets.Gelf" /> </extensions> <targets> ...
Gelf library for sending messages to Graylog2 via a UdpClient
Extends NLog.GelfTarget
NLog Target for GrayLog2, DISCLAIMER: until v1 is release then we can't promise to follow SemVer therefore we might introduce breaking changes in a patch or minor release.