Top 20 NuGet gravity Packages

Gravity API core functionality, which can be hosted as a service on platforms like Console Application, ASP.NET Web API, Service Fabric Service, .NET Core application, WCF Self-host, etc. FREE register at "" in order to be able to use Gravity ...
Data Contracts (DTOs) for all Gravity API Products
Extensions package for Rhino API products line.
Base component for Rhino API connectors.
Base component for Atlassian based connectors.
Rhino API contracts.
Responsible for executing Rhino Specs using Gravity API Automation Engine.
Connector for Gurock TestRail and Jira for bugs management.
Base component for all Rhino reporters.
Client libraries for TestRail
Connector simulator for testing and learning purposes.
Connector for Atlassian XRay - Test Manager.
Mock implementation of IWebDriver which does not open a browser, for high performance testing of Selenium based frameworks, without a dependency on browsers and web drivers.
Rhino API Text/Plain connector for using raw text as Rhino Spec.
Connector for Atlassian XRay Cloud - Test Manager.
Extensions package for Gravity API products line.
Language parser.
Static HTML Reporter.
Extension package for Selenium API. Adds advanced and complicated Selenium actions into Selenium API. Allows bi-directional interaction with Selenium. This package will not affect any current Selenium implementations it will only add extension methods to Selenium API.
A collections of different calculators and conversions like gravity of beer calculated based on temperature