Top 20 NuGet gorgon Packages

Contains a renderer used to draw two dimensional graphics using Direct 3D 11.2 for hardware accelation.
Contains functionality to read, write and manipulate image data using various common image formats such as DDS, TGA, PNG, etc...
Contains access to low level graphics functionality utilizing hardware accelerated rendering through Direct3D 11.2.
The API for accessing content file systems created by the Gorgon Editor from an application. It can also be used to create plug ins for the Editor application.
Contains common core functionality used by the various Gorgon libraries.
Contains the functionality used to provide animation to specific property types on objects.
Contains functionality specific to the Microsoft Windows platform.
Contains functionality to access the various input devices attached to the system.
Contains functionality to create, read and store bitmap fonts for use in text rendering.
Contains functionality for a unified virtual file system for Gorgon.