Top 20 NuGet google-analytics Packages

Listen to the heartbeat of your software. SoftMeter is a cross platform application analytics library (aka product analytics library) that reveals how users around the world use your desktop application, how many they are, how often they run it, which are the most popular features, and much mor...
Client for the event-based (v2) Google Analytics Measurement Protocol.
The goal of this library is to create a modern, fully asynchronous Google Analytics API for C# 5. All potentially long operations are async/await methods.
It covers Google Analytics Reporting API v4 by sending custom variables
This service lets you integrate google analytics tracker in your AngularJS applications easily.
This Linq to Google Analytics Provider is a fork (hosted on GitHub) of the project located on Codeplex ( With this library, you can build queries against Google Analytics and get your data back much like you would with mature LINQ providers built for databa...