Top 20 NuGet godot Packages

C# Source Generators for use with the Godot Game Engine: - `SceneTree` class attribute: Provides strongly typed access to the scene hierarchy (via `_` operator) - `GodotOverride` method attribute: Allows use of On*, instead of virtual _* overrides - Base classes/helpers to create project specific...
Package Description
Adds common types and classes for fantasy style settings
Adds the notion of items to OpenRpg
A set of data oriented patterns that can simplify managing your game data with OpenRpg
Basic classes to assist in management of multi language content
Adds the notion of quests to OpenRpg
Adds basic combat related types for building off
An open source set of base components to build RPG games
An API designed to streamline C# with Godot Engine without changing any fundamentals. It utilizes cached reflection for optimal performance, and provides power to easily extend the API with your own attributes.
A set of tools to make using C# in Godot easier! Version 1.0.0-beta4 and earlier support Godot 3.0-beta2. Version 1.0.0-beta5 supports Godot 3.0-rc1 Version 1.0.0-beta7 supports Godot 3.0-rc3 Version 1.0.0-beta9 supports Godot 3.0.3-rc1
This library enables communication with the Godot Engine editor (the version with .NET support). It's intended for use in IDEs/editors plugins for a better experience working with Godot C# projects. A client using this library is only compatible with servers of the same major version and of a lower...
Set of Roslyn C# code completion providers for Godot. These providers alone don't actually provide the suggestions. IProviderContext must be implemented and set in BaseCompletionProvider.Context for that.