Top 20 NuGet giraffe Packages

A native functional ASP.NET Core web framework for F# developers.
JSON serializer for Giraffe implemented with Thoth.Json.Net
Boilerplate-free, idiomatic JSON:API for your beautiful, idiomatic F# domain model. Optimized for developer happiness.
A type-safe functional wrapper for SignalR and ASP.NET Core and Giraffe
Giraffe-Fable adapter that generates routes for shared server spec with a Fable client. Client must use Fable.Remoting.Client
Template for SAFEr Web App
Razor view engine support for the Giraffe web framework.
An F# view engine for Giraffe and other ASP.NET Core web applications.
A dotnet-new template for Giraffe web applications.
Nekomori Giraffe extensions
DotLiquid templating engine http handlers for the Giraffe web framework.
Giraffe plugin to use Serilog as the logger for your application
This is a little wrapper utils to help use odata functions in giraffe
Alternative query binding mechanism for Giraffe apps
MSBuild integration between GiraffeGenerator and .NET Sdk projects
Package Description
Integration of F# JSON into Giraffe
Practical dependency injection in Giraffe that gets out of your way
A task computation expression which works natively with .NET's Task objects from an F# application.
Alternative routing API for Giraffe web applications which is aimed at maximum performance.