Top 20 NuGet gelf Packages

GELF provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
GELF NLog targets
Gelf4NLog is an NLog target implementation to push log messages to GrayLog2.
Gelf layout renderer for NLog
Provides logging implementions and abstractions for writing ILoggerFacade logs via Graylog Server's REST API
Gelf log4net appender
GELF log4net appenders
Gelf library for sending messages to Graylog2 via a UdpClient
NLog.AspNetCore.TargetGelf for GrayLog
Elmah module for sending alert messages to GrayLog server in Gelf format via UDP
NLog Target for GrayLog2, DISCLAIMER: until v1 is release then we can't promise to follow SemVer therefore we might introduce breaking changes in a patch or minor release.
Custom log4net appender publishing log messages on to RabbitMQ in GELF format. A simple way to integrate your logging with
NLog.Targets.Gelf is a custom target for NLog and Graylog2 server To use NLog.Targets.Gelf just add the following to your config file and place NLog.Targets.Gelf.dll in the same location as the NLog.dll file: <nlog> <extensions> <add assembly="NLog.Targets.Gelf" /> </extensions> <targets> ...
Extends NLog.GelfTarget
NLog Gelf target for dotnet core.
Gelf layout renderer for NLog
Gelf Client for sending data to GrayLog for those who use .net 452
GELF log4net Appender - graylog2