Top 20 NuGet gameengine Packages

A lightweight, extensible and easy game engine.
Universal-Platform Chatbot Framework for C# + .NET Core
BandiEngine는 각 요소가 모듈화 되어 구성요소를 커스터마이징 할 수 있는 엔진입니다.
Advanced 2D GameEngine for indie developers.
Mud Designer cross-platform networking contract for servers developed to run the game engine.
Mud Designer cross-platform game engine. Provides a default implementation of the MudDesigner.MudEngine.Core components.
C# 100% GameEngine
Mud Designer cross-platform game engine core. Provides the core contract that engine components, adapters and 3rd parties must implement in order for the engine to run.
Daze is a small library for creating 2D games without having to worry about drawing.
a game engine runs on Monogame