Top 20 NuGet formium Packages

NanUI is an open source .NET/.NET Core component for Windows Form Applications. It's suitable for .NET/.NET Core developers who wants to use front-end technologies suc as HTMM5/CSS3/JavaScript to design the user interface of Windows Form Applications.
NanUI is an open source .NET project for .NET / .NET Core developers who want to use front-end technologies such as HTML5 / CSS3 to build user interfaces for Windows Form applications.
Zipped Resource Handler for NanUI.
Local File Resource Handler for NanUI.
Embedded Resource Handler for NanUI.
Data Service Handler for NanUI.
Subprocess executable file for NanUI. If you want to use default subprocess in NanUI, you should install this package.
RestfulResourceHandler for NanUI. You can use this handler to handle http reqeusts and transfer data to http response like Asp.Net Core MVC.
FileResourceHandler for NanUI. You can use resources in local directory by this handler.
AssemblyResourceHandler for NanUI. You can use resources assemblied in your assemblies by this handler.