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Package Description
Package Description
This is all the assemblies of the Cuemon .NET Standard family.
The Cuemon.Serialization assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides generic base classes for serialization.
Provides usefull extension methods. This assembly contains all funtions of the following packages: Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Comparing Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Compression Capgemini.Cauldron.Core.Extensions.Convertions Ca...
ASP.NET Core MVC formatters for MessagePack input and output.
Package Description
Package Description
Serialization and deserialization formatters for Neptuo.
Library of routines for manipulating arrays of bits
This package assists in outputing your objects to a CSV file in a binary format within Web API.
Implementation of Neptuo.Formatters with support for immutable and versioned objects.
Newtonsoft.Json storage implementation for Neptuo.Formatters.Composite.
Metadata definitions for Neptuo.Formatters.Composite.
Wrapper for the API. Formatters used for Webhooks.
Contains the following formatter implementations: - ByteSizeFormatter - MetricUnitFormatter
A simple string formatter for use with Beizosft.Logging.
JSON implementation of Neptuo.Formatters.
XML implementation of Neptuo.Formatters.
Protobuf for ASP.NET Core