Top 20 NuGet flexrule Packages

FlexRule is a .Net core/standard 2.0 complaint framework for business rules, decisions, data and analytics, RPA, processes, workflows and application logic.
Introduces the Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
Introduces the Azure Cosmos DB functions to interact with documents stored in Azure Cosmos DB.
Sample RPA for Google search.
Introduces the standard financial calculations as functions to be used as part of FlexRule models.
Introduces the Combinatorics functions to rearrange the elements of a set with different combinations.
Introduces the string Comparison using different algorithm that finds the percentage of similarities between strings.
Machine Learning (ML), Data and Analytics capabilities: predictive, analysis, statistics and etc.
MailBox query extension allows query mailbox using IMAP and EWS
Create and Extract package files i.e. tgz, zip, gz
Allows extracting and manipulating information in PDF documents.
Functions and operators for Geo calculation.
Introduces the Azure Storage functions to interact with blobs and queues stored in Azure.