Top 20 NuGet dispatch Packages

Library designed to help with command dispatching
D3 Dispatch (d3-dispatch) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Packs command line arguments into a map or object for easy usage
A CQRS (Event-driven) message router in F#
An MvvmLight helper for calling RaisePropertyChanged on the UI thread from a PCL. See Project Site for instructions.
Common interfaces and helpers for working with MessageRouter
A declarative IoC library that efficiently dispatches values and commands to subscribing modules, offering boilerplate-free event handling.
The Command Management System supports the implementation of methods and classes as executable commands or actions. This is e.g. practical if you want to implement chat bots or react to actions by incoming packets within a server. Supported platforms: * .NET 4.5 * .NET 4.6 * .NET Standard 2.0
Redux implementation in c#. Redux is a predictable state container made popular by in the js world. Urunium.Redux is redux implementation for .net framework, which tries to implement redux in more c# idiomatic manner. Prior arts: Redux.Net, reducto.
Short version: dispatcher.On<string, int>(MyHandler); dispatcher.On<bool, int>(OtherHandler); dispatcher.Dispatch(true, 13); Also feature guard conditions, an alternative fluent API and a fallback handler.
Package Description
Messaging components for cross platform development on Android, iOS and WinRT