Top 20 NuGet Packages

Simplifying Discord.Net hosting with .NET Generic Host (Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting)
Adapter for Discord.Net
A lavalink wrapper for Discord.Net
A fork of Discord.Addons.Interactive, Adding more functionality including -Inline Reactions -Full Paginater Customization
A Service that saves and stores guild specific prefixes for
Interactive extensions for Discord.Net
An unofficial wrapper/API for Discord written in C# for .Net platforms. Please use .Net 4.5 or higher.
Automatically delete command responses when the user's message is deleted.
Get embeds faster, for Discrd.Net 1.0.0+rc wrapper.
A Discord.Net Addon that uses reactions to minimize and maximize message sent by bots, espically large messages. It allows any user to minimize or maximize a message, but only the original command caller can delete it. There is a 5 minute auto delete time with each mesage as well.
websocket-sharp-based provider for Discord.Net, allowing it to run under Mono.