Top 20 NuGet Packages

This is a project to create a good discord bot base for everyone wanting a simple way to create a good bot
Simplifying Discord.Net hosting with .NET Generic Host (Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting)
Package Description
An extension of Discord.Net.Commands, mainly to get information about your commands as string, ideally to build a help command. Comes with a extension of the CommandService to build a help command easily!
An unofficial wrapper/API for Discord written in C# for .Net platforms. Please use .Net 4.5 or higher.
A lavalink wrapper for Discord.Net
VaraniumSharp.Discord is a VaraniumSharp add-on that wraps around Discord.Net for easy bot setup
A fork of Discord.Addons.Interactive, Adding more functionality including -Inline Reactions -Full Paginater Customization
A Service that saves and stores guild specific prefixes for
Interactive extensions for Discord.Net
Adapter for Discord.Net
Automatically delete command responses when the user's message is deleted.
Get embeds faster, for Discrd.Net 1.0.0+rc wrapper.
A Discord.Net Addon that uses reactions to minimize and maximize message sent by bots, espically large messages. It allows any user to minimize or maximize a message, but only the original command caller can delete it. There is a 5 minute auto delete time with each mesage as well.
websocket-sharp-based provider for Discord.Net, allowing it to run under Mono.