Top 20 NuGet dijkstra Packages

Plugin that makes it easier to use pathfindax with duality
Plugin that makes it easier to use pathfindax with duality tilemaps
The core library for the pathfindax pathfinding framework
Graph processing library.
FloodSpill is a fast multi-purpose flood-fill algorithm for C#. It lets you run a flood in two-dimensional space, configure it with your own conditions and callbacks and choose between FIFO, LIFO or priority-based order for processing positions. Includes possibility of performing scanline-fill for b...
Dijkstra Algorithm Toolset For .NET With this toolset you can calculate the shortest path from one vertex to another vertex via edges within a graph.
ADN.Graphs is a cross-platform open-source library which provides graphs utilities to .NET developers
Graph processing library.
ImVader is a framework for working with graphs. It provides implementation of common graph algorithms: BFS, DFS, Dijkstra and Floyd-Worshell algorithms, topological sort, computing strong components, finding minimum cuts and others.
Dijkstra’s Algorithm (a generalization of breadth-first search) in C#. Declare your own Nodes and Edges to define the graph and let the algorithm find the best path to the target Node.
Toolset for creating Graphs filled with Vertices and Edges between them, and finding Paths between Vertices using the Dijkstra Algorithm.
Nuget Dijkstra toolset offering a Graph that contains Vertices and Edges between them and a PathFinder to find the fastest Paths between Edges using the Dijkstra Algorithm.