Top 20 NuGet dehydrate Packages

This package provides implementations for Dehydrator's repository interfaces using Entity Framework. Install this package in your controller if you use Entity Framework.
This package provides extension methods for registering Dehydrator.EntityFramework repositories and factories in the Unity Application Block.
This package provides base classes and sample configuration for building WebAPI controllers that use a dehydrated data model. Install this package in your controller if you use WebAPI.
Dehydrator helps you combine ORMs like Entity Framework with REST service frameworks like WebAPI. By stripping navigational references in your entities down to only their IDs their serialized representation no longer contains redundant or cyclic data. When new or modified deserialized data needs to ...
This package provides core interfaces and helpers used by Dehydrator. Install this package instead of the main Dehydrator package in Model-only assemblies to reduce coupling.