Top 20 NuGet Dbc Packages

Design by contract programming support
A lightweight .NET library for expressive Guard Clauses.
SolidStack.Core.Guards is an extremely simple, unambiguous and lightweight guard clause library that allow you to write pre-conditions and post-conditions for your methods in a readable way.
NContract is a design by contract library that lets you write oneliners to verify parameters in constructors and methods instead of using more verbose if statements.
A blazing-fast DBC and DB2 file loader for World of Warcraft files.
A JavaScript library with function argument assertions, a function parser and assertion wrapper functionality. By wrapping your functions you get defined, notNull, bool, func, number, object, string and notEmpty assertions for free. The interface is specially optimised for the Visual Studio JavaScri...
Simple Design by contract library supporting PreConditions and PostConditions
Provides support for Design By Contract as described by Bertrand Meyer in his seminal book, Object-Oriented Software Construction (2nd Ed) Prentice Hall 1997 (See chapters 11 and 12). See also Building Bug-free O-O Software: An Introduction to Design by Contract
Basic design by contract support
MultiCaptchaSolver is a nuget package for using a captcha solver in you .Net Application.It's now really simple to use Antigate and Other solver service in your apps.