Top 20 NuGet day Packages

An infinite scrolling timeline to pick a date for Android
A calendar that allows you to select both a single date and a period. It Allows you to change colors programmatically without reference to the theme.
A class which defines a date which can have null for components (day, month, year) of the date.
Provides an Object which caches. Provide it a key and a function to populate the value.
Easy to use night mode button with cool animation for Xamarin.Android
A tool which provides information about working & non-working days based on a range of rules and sources.
A small and simple TraceListener for .NET that writes log files by day.
React Day Picker (react-day-picker) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
An Android Library to pick dates range, that helps user to select range from future dates.
A styleable DatePicker for Android using the old spinner style (NumberPickers). Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export.dll" as reference on your project.
.NET library with common methods for some usual calendar calculations
Day and week view calendar control for .Net winform projects
Schedule / Calendar customizable control for viewing and editing appointments or reports. For more details on how to customize and use the control, visit the project URL.
You can now select a date and a time with only one widget
An extremely useful tool for predicting Durin's Day
A library to manage working days and do simple operations with it.