Top 20 NuGet des Packages

Utilities for C#
Encryption developed in .NET Standard. Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithms: RSA. Symmetric Cryptography Algorithms: AES, DES.
Add support for major cryptographic standards to Apps: S/MIME, OpenPGP, TripleDES, TwoFish, RSA, AES, etc. Includes X.509 and OpenPGP certificate management.
Library that makes encrypting strings, byte arrays and files easy. Supports Aes, TripleDES, (.net framework only) Des, RC2 and Rijndael. EasyEncrypt has a good documentation.
CryptSharp provides a number of password crypt algorithms - BCrypt, LDAP, MD5 (and Apache's htpasswd variant), PHPass (WordPress, phpBB, Drupal), SHA256, SHA512, and Traditional and Extended DES. Additionally it includes Blowfish, SCrypt, and PBKDF2 for any HMAC (.NET's built-in PBKDF2 implementatio...
HenkEncrypt can be used to encrypt strings, byte arrays, files and folders. HenkEncrypt is easy to use and advanced, it can be used with AES and the other symmetric algorithms. Look for a example at my github:
ORM for SQLite with data encryption. Supported Xamarin platforms: - Android - iOS - Windows Phone 8.1 - Win 8 1. Just add [CryptoTable("TableName")] attribute to your class definition (Table) and [Encrypted] attribute to properties in your class that you want to b...
Several encryption algorithms implemented in this library such as: AES, DES, AesThenHmac, MD5, SHA1, SHA256
HashBrowns is a library to help simplify encryption and hashing within .Net.
Framework to simplify web development.
A discrete event simulation (DES) engine heavily based on the paradigm introduced by Simula and SimPy.
Extensions on the Security .NetFramework
Cryptography extensions for strings and arrays of bytes.
[4.5] Adds simple extensions methods to crypt and decrypt byte[] and string (hex or base64) + ToCryptoBufferAES + ToCryptoBase64StringAES + ToCryptoHexStringAES + FromCryptoBufferAES + FromCryptoBase64StringAES + FromCryptoHexStringAES + ToCryptoBuffer3DES + ToCryptoBase64String3DES + ToCryptoHexS...
BCodeSfot basic windows dll.With Get computer information,SHA1,MD5,DES,GetHtml etc.
3 DES Cryptography Simple Library
Simple implementation of common cryptographic algorithms.
NSimulate is a .NET library written in C# that enables the development of discrent-event simulations. The library enables the modelling of processes, scheduled activities, notifications and resources.
Data Security Using Triple DES