Top 20 NuGet der Packages

JSON-like development experience and a popular schema syntax (subset of ASN.1). Intuitive data serialization and validation API. Schema loading, schema evolution, dynamic bindings. JSON and DER formats.
Contains classes and tools for working with Public Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS).
ASN.1 encoding/decoding library, supporting the BER, DER and PER encodings. Package was compiled for .NET Standard 2.0
Open SSL Key - Utility to generate XML keys from PEM or DER keys. Reads and parses: (1) OpenSSL PEM or DER public keys (2) OpenSSL PEM or DER traditional SSLeay private keys (encrypted and unencrypted) (3) PKCS #8 PEM or DER encoded private keys (encrypted and unencrypted) | Keys in PEM format mus...
A library to parse ASN.1 encoded data.