Top 20 NuGet dds Packages

A simple and fast .NET Standard image decoder for targa (.tga) and direct draw surface (.dds) images
A .NET texture IO and processing library that wraps the FreeImage and Nvidia Texture Tools libraries. The library is able to import and export dozens of image formats, create mipmap chains, and compress textures for GPUs. This release targets version 3.18.0 of FreeImage and a (modified) version 2.1....
OpenDDSharp IDL Generator
OpenDDS wrapper for .NET languages. OpenDDS is an open source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS), developed and copyrighted by Object Computing Incorporated (OCI). The OMG DDS specification is intended to be suitable for systems whose requiremen...
Alibaba Cloud SDK for .NET
.NET API for RTI Connector
Loads and saves standard images including DDS (all sorts and weird ones like V8U8, G8, etc. See full list on github.)
DataStorm C++ SDK for Visual Studio 2017 (v141).
DataStorm C++ SDK for Visual Studio 2015 (v140).
Contract (duplicate) bridge model for .Net
Asynch Client C# API for Vortex Web
Basic in-memory DDS tools
Dirty solution to add DDS BC7 support to .NET using code from Paint.NET plugin and stripped down last open sourced version of Paint.NET
A .NET Core DDS (Direct Draw Surface) reader and converter.
A .NET DDS (Direct Draw Surface) reader and converter.