Top 20 NuGet channel Packages

The ultimate dirty YouTube library. Parses public metadata on YouTube videos, lets you download them and much more. Does not require an API key and does not impose usage quotas.
.NET interface for PRTG Network Monitor
Sky TV channel guide and program information from Sky's online web services, Sky + HD remote record and direct channel change functionality over local network.
Genuine Channels is a high-end transport environment accessible through .NET Remoting and Direct eXchange Manager (DXM) API. Besides offering steady connections in any environment thanks to configurable reconnect feature, Genuine Channels support communication with clients located behind firewalls, ...
Implementation of Butterfly.Channel using the EmbedIO server
Allows clients to create new channels to the server and allows the server to push messages to connected clients (think WebSockets)
This package exposes an enhanced developer experience for coding against the Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource (including build time validation). Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource allows for firing ETW events from managed code. It enables defining a strongly typed specification of an... Web Crop Image Control allows developers to build image cropping functionality easily on their projects. You can seamlessly crop images and yet provide your visitors the most user friendly web interface by simply doing drag and drop in your projects.
MCM (Message-Command-Message) is an open source framework for building modular, military simple .NET applications and state machine APIs of any size. Highly recommended is using it with Visual Studio Templates from
Its a little/tiny/simple way to create your proxy/channel from a service contract
Local Kevoree Channel
A small C# libary that wraps the Google.Apis.YouTube .NET client. That provides useful utiltiys for executing requests and allows paginated requests to be executed concurrently.
Proxy Service developed by Design Pattern Ltd
Kevoree RemoteWS Channel
custom nlog target for telegram
Kevoree Local Channel
A stripped down version of Tyrrrz's YouTubeExplode library to be used in SoundByte.
Lightweight .NET library to pull data from YouTube. It deals only with list request and only those that don't need authentication. Supports lazy loading paginated results.
This package includes samples illustrating the use of the Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing.EventSource library. Works best if you create a console app called 'DemoEventSource' and reference this package.
A simple implementation of GO Channels thread safe