Top 20 NuGet chaining Packages

"Either" Monad-like Implementation for dealing with operation results in C#
This library holds some helper classes and extension methods used for mvc. This is an extension library for the well known library Fluentx.
ChainSharp provides wrappers in form of extension functions around C# keywords such as is and as to make them more chainable, and thus more readable.
This project helps you to read and write CSV (Comma Separated Values) files in your program. Those files are legacy, but many developers still use them because of their readability and because every sheet-calculation program can perfectly edit them. With the classes in this project you can read/...
A library containing methods to allow method chaining in most of your code.
A validation library for Knockout. Features include: - value parsing and formatting - property validation - model and sub-model validation - rule chaining - value bindings - CSS bindings -static and dynamic validation summaries -easy to extend, localise, customise -fits in with your markup -extensi...
Allows handling of method chaining with enhanced diagnostics and error handling
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