Top 20 NuGet center Packages

This package contains the basic functionalities that all App Center services use to communicate with the backend.
This package contains functionalities to collect crash reports for your application.
This package contains functionalities to collect session, device properties, events etc… for your application.
Provides developers with libraries for the updated Azure Security Center platform under Azure Resource manager to view and manage security posture in and outside Azure.
This package contains functionalities to send push notifications to users of your application from our portal.
This package provides capability to display in-app updates to your app users when a new version of the application is released.
SDK for accessing Microsoft Partner center APIs
Helpers to use app center APIs
Metrics library for Microsoft App Center analytics.
You have some useful functions to sent to MobileCenter your message. This component knows the limitation of MobileCenter and helps you to avoid them.
Solution Center Communicator (solution-center-communicator) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
AOP library that subscribes to ReactiveProperty and tracks events.
Scotty doesn't know? Yes he does! Ask him if an update is available.
This package enables you to create, read, update, and delete private documents and read public documents. In addition, this package allows you to configure offline document persistence, enabling offline access for data in your app.
This package provides the capability for you to authenticate users and manage their identities. You can also leverage user identities in other App Center services.