Top 20 NuGet cavesystems Packages

CaveSystems Media Bibliothek.
CaveSystems Networking Bibliothek
CaveSystems Extensions Bibliothek. This packages contains extensions methods.
CaveSystems Database Bibliothek.
CaveSystems Logging Bibliothek.
CaveSystems WebServer Bibliothek.
CaveSystems IO Bibliothek
Provides functions for calculating cyclic redundancy check sums in 16, 32 and 64bit
The compression library is a modified version of the MIT version of SharpZipLib.
CaveSystems Service Bibliothek.
CaveSystems Avatar Bibliothek
CaveSystems Platform Bibliothek. This packages contains AppDom and Platform detection.
CaveSystems Settings Bibliothek. This packages contains classes for ini(tialization file) based configurations.
CaveSystems FtpServer Bibliothek.
CaveSystems FileSystem Bibliothek.
CaveSystems AssemblyVersionInfo Bibliothek. This packages contains tools for appdom and assembly specific functions and versioning.
Cave.Progress provides a threadsafe multi progress management solution for .NET
Provides a high performance async tcp client and server implementation
CaveSystems Collections Bibliothek
CaveSystems Backports Bibliothek. This packages contains various backports needed for CaveSystems packages and software when running on older frameworks.