Top 20 NuGet cancellation Packages

Helper types for working with cancellation tokens and sources.
Useful extensions contribution by Bnaya Eshet Blog: Source Code: # NuGet this library available on NuGet via Install-Package Bnaya.CSharp.AsyncExtensions ## This library have the following godies: * Except...
SDK for message cancellation
An easy way to cancel any type of Tasks after timeout
An observable collection where items are removed when a lifetime paired with them ends. Affords projecting, filtering, and other functional-style usage by removing the need to equate removed items with previously added items.
A small library that implements an improved version of System.Threading.CancellationToken with support for removable registrations, to allow for garbage collection in the presence of long-lived tokens, plus some related utilities. Motivation: cancellation tokens can be the source of memory "leaks",...
Non Official utility methods and extensions for System.Threading.Tasks
Integration with ASP.NET core logging and dependency injection for the dead man's switch
A dead man's switch is designed to detect a worker task that is no longer making progress and cancel it. It does this by cancelling a CancellationToken that is provided to the worker from the start. In turn, the process is responsible for notifying the dead man's switch in a periodic fashion to prev...