Top 20 NuGet cfg Packages

A slim, cross-platform, fully managed C# library for reading/writing .ini, .conf, .cfg etc configuration files.
SharpConfig is an easy-to-use CFG/INI configuration library for .NET.
MadMilkman.Ini is a .NET (and MONO compatible) component which simplifies processing of INI files. Enables reading, writing, updating, compressing and encrypting of various INI file formats. Additionally for an advance manipulations of INI file's content the component provides binding, mapping and s...
This .NET Standard library is a simple CFG/INI file parser. Main feature of this package is the possibility to parse INI file content directly into model classes, that are tagged by special attributes. Another feature of this package is the usage of different INI file formats, e.g. INI files in UNIX...
.NET Parsing Expression Grammar developed 100% using a TDD. The framework can READ and WRITE itself. DSL is written with NPEG. Equivalent native parsers can be exported in many popular languages.
This is the offline version of NPEG (will be faster than inline version). Use the language workbench (see Project Url) to create the offline parsers. If you want to use the inline version download NPEG nupkg.