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Calculate Public Holidays / Federal Holidays for a given year, translation native and english. Country and County support. Supports more than 100 countries
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Get address information via zip code. Support for United States Of American, Brazil
The ViaCEP WebService client for .NET projects (both .NET Core and .NET Framework)
Portuguese language pack for IronOCR C# Library. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and barcode reading engine for ASP.Net code projects. Supports Desktop, Console and Web applications. The IronOCR engine pre-processes scans with distorted, skewed, low resolution, poor contrast, and background no...
Biblioteca portável desenvolvida utilizando-se o web-service oficial dos Correios. Conta com interfaces síncronas e assíncronas (async/await). Exemplo: service.consultaCEP("24710480") O código é gerado automaticamente pelo Visual Studio a partir ...
Digit check and formatting on Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF).
Sanitizes CEPs and scraps addresses from Correios website.
Validação e formatação de documentos do Brasil.
Core library for generate and validate Brazil data types, eg.: CPF (Person Tax Number), CNPJ (Company Federal Tax Number), Inscrição Estadual (Company State Tax Number). This library focus on high-performance and easy-to-use methods.
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