Top 20 NuGet branch Packages

This is the Branch Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS and Forms applications.
Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET. This is the .NET Standard package for the main FeatureToggle package.
Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET
Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET. This is a PCL core for the main FeatureToggle package.
PInvoke API (methods, structures and constants) imported from Windows PeerDist.dll for the Peer Distribution API, which supports the Branch Cache feature in Windows 7.
Semi-automatic SemVer2 semantic versioning for .NET and MSBuild
Easy-usage, Git-based, auto-generate version informations toolset.
Simple, reliable feature toggles in .NET. This package contains initial support for boolean toggles that get their value from RavenDB
BranchSwitcher project is used to automate common tasks needed when switching between different TFS branches in development cycle. You can use this nuget package to implement your own steps and hosts for BranchSwitcher.
Tool that generates a C# source code file information about the current git repository.
Feature flags for .net
Contexteer is little framework build to support you when you need a context in your code.
.Net wrapper for
Adds MSBuild targets to C# projects that rewrite the AssemblyVersion and AssemblyFileVersion values depending on the most recent GitFlow "release-{version}" branch found. Also writes the Full SemVer version into the environment variable "CI_Version" so tools in a build pipeline can pick up the...
Replaces the FeatureService for a rest client, to ask another service
Implements FeatureStore with EntityFramework
Extension to wire up the necessary services and settings from FeatuR
Provides simple MSBuild integration to add the Git Commit Hash and Git Branch Name to the current build as MSBuild properties.
Includes extension method to wire up FeatuR using MSSQL as data store