Top 20 NuGet boostrap Packages

Package Description
This package is meant to complement those using the Twitter.Bootstrap library in their MVC 5 application. Upon installation it adds bundling and minification support for easy integration into your shared layouts and views. Issues? Please post them here
Package Description
Enables Twitter Bootstrap Framework to work with Microsoft jQuery Unobtrusive Validation in ASP.NET MVC4 projects. - Now support for Bootstrap 3 - Dependency on Twitter.Bootstrap package is removed Source:
Blazor DataTable component with support for client and server side paging, filtering and sorting
Pagination components for Blazor
There is a situation that we need user to confirm before they proceed their action. You don’t want to accidently delete very important information. So I come up the idea to extend the bootstrap modal popup to create a confirm modal before calling the function to delete some stuff.
give you opportunity to style your toggle buttons, with your own css classes or bootstrap predefined button classes customize the callback events, such as onclick, onchecked, & onunchecked.