Top 20 NuGet bluetoothle Packages

ACR Bluetooth LE Reactive Plugin for Xamarin and Windows Supported Platforms * .NET Standard * Android 4.3+ * iOS 7+ * tvOS * macOS * UWP
Provides support for several Bluetooth Beacon specifications. Manages received Bluetooth advertisements, clusters them into individual beacons and parses the advertisement payloads according to specifications including the Eddystone open Bluetooth beacon format from Google, as well as beacons compar...
This library enables easier consumption of connectivity Devices/Peripherals and handle its connection to Windows devices. It contains BluetoothLE and Network connectivity helpers.
Cross Platform Reactive Bluetooth LE Plugin for Xamarin Supported Platforms Android 4.3+ iOS 7+ Windows UWP tvOS macOS
Provides NetStandard2.0 Bluetooth LE and file i/o code for .NET Core applications using the MetaWear C# SDK. Developers designing Windows 10 applications should instead use the MetaWear.CSharp.Win10 plugin
Warble.NET provides a platform agnostic C# API around the Warble C library
Provides Windows 10 specific Bluetooth LE and file i/o code for the MetaWear C# SDK, compatible with both UWP and .NET applications.
Library to use bCore for Xamarin.Android.
Here is Software Development Kit for Mi Band 2. Using it, you can pick some data and interact with Mi Band 2 features for example - with Heart Rate measurements.