Top 20 NuGet blizzard Packages

.NET Implementation of the Diablo API.
The Argent Pony .NET client for the Blizzard World of Warcraft Community Web APIs
API wrapper for Blizzard's classic chat api (CAPI). Beta Release compatible with alphav3 of the API. Source code available at
The library provide those features : - The queries are cached, and only requeried if there is changes; - Requesting informations can be optionally done asynchronously, as it allow the use of the new keywords of .NET 4.5, async and await; - Can grabs the item’s images (small and large version), and c...
Stream library for the FreecraftCore.Serializer. Provides the concrete stream implementation, extensions and abstract Types to implement your own FreecraftCore compatible streams.
Metadata based serializer for World of Warcraft packets. Design inspired from Blizzard's JAM and Marc Gravell's Protobuf-Net. Uses attributes to annotate DTOs that are made serializable according to the Blizzard JAM packet protocol. Can be extended for use outside of World of Warcraft too!
API library for the FreecraftCore.Serializer. Provide interface/service/contracts for the serialization service. Include this project to reference the serializer's interfaces. This way you can avoid the hard dependencies the serializer includes.
Metadata/Attribute library for the FreecraftCore.Serializer. This library provides the attributes required to markup DTOs.
Heroes of the Storm Replay Parsing Tool compatible with Base Build 67985. Latest version supports all previous builds.
A Battle.NET Api Wrapper
Diable 3 API access made easy
BattleMuffin is a .NET Core 3.0 wrapper for the Blizzard Web API written in C# 8.0. Requires .NET Core 3.0 or higher.