Top 20 NuGet bitly Packages

A Bitly API Wrapper service that uses OAuth 2.0 authentication and T4 templates to make adding new endpoints easy.
Umbraco package to automatically create and modify bitly links for content nodes. Check the project page for configuration instructions
The simplest BitLy SDK for .NET to shorten a url
Bitly (the online URL shortening service) API consumer. Authentication: + Basic OAuth (Access Token based on Username/Password) Endpoints + [QR Codes] + [Links]: /v3/expand; /v3/info; /v3/link/lookup; /v3/shorten; /v3/user/link_edit; /v3/user/link_lookup; /v3/user/link_save + [Data APIs]: /v3/high...
Bitlyfier is a simple wrapper around the Bitly v3 API service accessor